Largest Selection of Used Smartphones

Hutch Affiliates, located in Fort Collins, Colorado, is distinguished in the mobile phone industry as a trustworthy and honest wholesaler of used smartphones. Hutch assures that its clients are treated with respect and its business is conducted with integrity.

As a reliable wholesaler, Hutch regularly updates its large supply of smartphones and delivers to professional buyers dependable phones with honest deals at great prices. Our philosophy is to turn inventory fast so we keep competitive pricing to keep product moving to you on a weekly basis.

You will receive exactly what you paid for when acquiring your used cell phones through Hutch. Items sold to Hutch are thoroughly tested and sorted, so its wholesale customers know exactly what they are purchasing.

Hutch specializes in the testing and distribution of smartphones, with iPhones and Android smartphones as the predominant part of its business.

By way of Hutch’s wholesale channel, the used cell phones are put through testing procedures for analysis of power and quality of the LCD screens and then distributed to customers who can repair and refurbish them for resale to the end user. Hutch receives steady supplies of Droid, Apple, HTC, and Blackberry models and sells each phone based on the following classification:

  • FF: Fully Functional
  • PGL: Phone powers up, Glass and LCD are good
  • PFD: Phone powers up, LCD is good, Digitizer is functional, Glass is cracked
  • PBL: Phone powers up, Bad LCD, Glass may be cracked
  • NP:  No Power

Hutch holds a strong record of reputable customer service and a forthright business method that has led to the company’s growing success.